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Sirius K-9 Solutions is an effective, humane solution to your Canada goose problems. Our wildlife detection dogs work in harmony with nature to manage problematic and potentially harmful wildlife populations. Our expert handlers work with you to design a sustainable program that meets your specific needs and benefits your environment.

The Sirius K-9 Solutions team has more than 50-years combined experience in dog handling and search and rescue and our handlers are certified egg addlers through The Humane Society of the United States' (HSUS) Humane Society University and long-time New Jersey residents with a nuanced understanding of the region's unique environment.

About Sirius K-9 Solutions
Dogs' incredible scenting ability and willingness to work with humans means trained dog-handler teams are the most effective and environment-friendly wildlife-detection method. Contact Sirius K-9 Solutions’ expert team today to learn more.
Wildlife Detection Dogs:
The Humane Solution to Your
Canada Goose Problems
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